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Job Posting Rules (Be Sure To Read Before Posting A Job)

First Of All Thank You For Choosing Our Site To Complete Your Project.

Find Out Why You Should Post A Job On Our Site.

1. No One Can Open More Than One Account Here Because Of The IP Detector On Our Site.So You Will Get 100% Genuine Users From Our Site.
2. Here You Will Get The Best Service At Very low Cost
3. You Can Cancel Your Job Post At Any Time And Withdraw The Deposited Money.
4. 24/7 Customer Service

Let's Find Out What Rules You Have To Follow In The Case Of Job Posting On Our Site

1. No Nudity Sites,Apps Or Ads Can Be Clicked/Visited/Installed Jobs Posted.
2. No Share/like Job Related To Any Doctrine Against Islam Can Be Posted.
3. No Jobs Can Be Posted On Any Type Of Spam/Virus Sites Which Are Harmful To Phone Or PC.
4. The freelancer Should Be Paid The Right Wage According To The Work, But Never Lower Than $0.005.
5. Freelancers Can't Be Rejected In Any Way If They Submit The Work Properly, Any Complaints Will Result In Banning Of Your ID Along With The Current Balance.
6. Freelancers Need To Approve Their Work Within 48 Hours Of Submitting It Correctly Or It Will Be Auto-Approved.

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